Friday, August 18, 2006

UPDATE: 2010: This was working as of 2006, since then I guess the components and skype have changed somewhat. I have got posts suggesting this no longer works which may be the truth...if anyone can validate it works or suggest changes if not I will publish..



Skype have free calls to the USA and Canada for citizens of those countries. But how does it find out who is a citizen of these countries? Your IP address. Can this be changed? Yes. Easily? Yes

Part A
What you need:

Tor and Privoxy

DOWNLOAD THIS ONE (this automatically installs the Windows packages)
Windows: Tor & Privoxy & Vidalia bundle CLICK HERE to Download Windows instructions; local mirror (sig). You can get the old TorCP bundle (sig) if you prefer.


FreeCap v3.18


Part B
What they do:
Tor & Privoxy - These send you through an onion router, encrypted at each stage so when you leave and enter the web you are completely anonymous.
Freecap - This allows you to send other programs through the Tor network.
Skype - VOIP - Use your computer as a phone and access any phone in the USA or Canada for free (Landlines and Mobiles) with this guide.

Part C
How to do it:
  1. Install all 3 packages
  2. (You may want to create a batch file to run all three with 1 click - see section at end)
  3. Go to Privoxy/Edit Config/Main Configuration through the start menu.
  4. Edit the file by adding the following line "forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 ." and then saving.
  5. Goto Freecap and File/New Application
  6. In the program path put the location of skype
  7. Now in Freecap change you setting so it will direct through TOR:
    1. GOTO File/Settings
    2. Set Default Proxy/Server as
    3. Set Port as 9050
    4. Set Protocol as Socks Version 4
    5. Click Apply then OK
  8. Now run Tor and Prixoxy and FreeCap (NOT SKYPE yet)
  9. Set up Firefox (or another browser so you check Tor is working)
    1. Checkout proxy server guide on
    2. Download proxy button ddon to easily turn tor on and off (only for firefox)
    3. Change proxy server settings to SERVER: localhost PORT:8118
    4. Put proxy button in toolbar and turn on
  10. Goto
  11. Check your new IP - it should be different to your original one
  12. If your new IP says it is somewhere in America you are ready to go - JUMP to step 15
  13. If your new IP is elsewhere then stop TOR and restart it - you will now be given a new IP - check if this says america - if not repeat - usually it only takes 1-2 attempts to get the USA
  1. Now you are ready to go -
    1. Open FreeCap
    2. Open the Skype Program from within FreeCap
    3. Sign in and call the number you want
    4. As long as you did step 13 correct then your calls will be free
    5. Before each new call go back to step 10 to 13 to check that your IP is still the USA (this is because tor regularly reroutes you to keep you anonymous so your IP will change - what matters is the IP when you first make the call)
    6. If your IP is USA calls will be free to landlines and mobiles

Starting Tor, Privoxy and FreeCap together with a batch file
  1. Open Notepad
  2. Input the following:
  3. cd "C:\windows\system32"
    start /b "tor" "C:\Program Files\torcp\torcp.exe"
    cd "C:\Program Files\Privoxy"
    start /b "privoxy" "C:\Program Files\Privoxy\Privoxy.exe"
    start /b "freecap" "C:\Program Files\FreeCap\freecap.exe"
  4. Change the directories addresses in 3 if the files are in other places
  5. Save the file as "TorStartup.bat" on your desktop
  6. This will create a batch file - you may get a warning say ok
  7. Run this file and it will open all three programs via a DOS command then close the DOS command

You are the counter hit xanga visitor.


Anonymous said...

I have a question.
I'm behind a squid proxy which supports http, https and ftp proxying. How do I configure it then? What you have given assumes that I have a direct connection to the net.

All in all, how do i configure privoxy to use my squid proxy?

Lael Oliveira said...

thanks for showing it so detailed that anyone can do it... ( kinda of bad in one way though *system abuse* ) yet. the tocc file is a great idea. thanks!

skolima said...

New Tor version allow specifying exit nodes by country code, e.g.

exitnodes {us}

Anonymous said...

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